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Organic clothing (coming to market soon)


Have you heard about the organic clothing trending in market yet? You might be confused and thinking “what in the world is organic clothing, I’ve only heard about organic food.” Well, that’s okay, don’t worry, I will tell you about it, before I begin subscribe to my blog to receive next blog updates. 

So what is organic clothing? Well, A company known as “Picture organic Clothing” is bringing “demain jacket” to market.

So what is this demain jacket really? It is protective jacket having 3 layer shell, made with Xpore nano-porous membrane and Biosourced Polyester derived from Sugarcanes. Yes you’ve read it right. Also what is Xpore nano-porous membrane? Xpore nano-porous membrane is new in market. It is founded by taiwanese inventor “Ben Q Material” This is the first Material in market that is breathable yet waterproof!

The clothing has 10 billion nano pores/square in, the company has made it 20,000 times smaller than water droplet and 20000 times larger than water vapor molecule, so the clothing remains dry and comfy!

Now Let’s look at the the other benefits of “Ben Q Material

1- It is free from harmful PTFE/PFCs (Polytetrafluoroethylene and Perfluorocarbons

2- Insects and parasites can’t emit through it

3-Good durability

4-Faster drying

The Demain’s fabric will be in the market soon it will be made with 59% sugarcane waste and 42% recycled polyester stretch.

Xpore nano-porous membrane and Biosourced Polyester is a generous invention to protect the environment and eradicate fossil fuels and other petroleum based products. This will be the far most best invention that is safe and also protects the environment.

Personally I am excited about it, please let me know in comment box, what are your thoughts on this new idea of organic clothing.


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