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Why do people with xeroderma pigmentosum need to stay out of the sun?


People who are sensitive to UV rays of sunlight are born with a rare disease called xeroderema pigmentosum. This disease affects the skin exposed to sun that is usually eyes and face. The symptom of this disease start in early childhood, just by being exposed to the sun for few minutes. It can cause the child to get severe sunburn causing redness and also swelling that remains for days. By the time child turns 2, most children that have this disease develop freckling of the skin that is exposed to sun. “Xeroderma means dryness and pigmentosum”means pigmentation. This disease leads to dryness and pigmentation of the area that is exposed to sun, hence it is named like that. If a child has this condition, he or she is advised to wear sunscreen and avoid sun because by the age of 10 according to studies, if a child is exposed to sun, he or she develops first cancer. Even in normal people, to much exposure to sun and tanning bed can cause skin cancer by for people having Xeroderma pigmentosum, they are at the greatest risk.


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