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2020 Color For Home Decor| Everything You Need to Know


How does gray make you feel? Most of you might answer “depressed” Well, gone are the days of gray as 2020 has approached. Before I go in detail about the new color and its trend, make sure to subscribe to my blog to receive updates on my latest posts.

This year Pantone has chosen Classic Blue as it’s color.

Why did Pantone choose this color?

Pantone, has chosen classic blue because it evokes both desire to go to former time in life and also evokes optimism for the future.

Every year Pantone chooses a color that they believe will lead the interior design industry and this year they have chosen classic blue.

Now the question is how can you incorporate Pantone’s classic blue color for this year?

Well, According to LA design concepts you can try Clark and Clark Fabrics Chiasso DeminBlue coming in different shades of blue and match it with neutral beige cushion and gray ottoman. This combination helps neutralize the color and is visually stunning without being one color.

Hope you guys liked my post!! Please comment below if this year’s color trend was better and also others ideas on how we can incorporate this color?


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