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New technology that will transmit data 1000x faster than now


Did you hear about the new technology transmitting data 1000 times faster? If not, continue reading. But before I tell you, subscribe and follow my blog for regular updates!

Today’s research is using terahertz quantum cascade lasers that will transmit data at the rate of 100GB per second, which is thousand times faster than current operating at 100MB per second

So what’s different about this laser?

The difference about this laser is that it produces light in the terahertz range of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Also what are some benefits?

The lasers will provide us with ultra-fast, wireless links in places where large datasets have to be transferred.

Such as:

1-Across Hospitals campuses

2-Between research facilities in the university

3-Satellite communication

The issue about this new technology

To send data at ultra speed, the lasers would need to be regulated very quickly, by turning it on and off 100 billion times every second. However, engineers and scientists have failed in finding a way to do this

So what’s the solution?

A research team from the University of Leeds and University of Nottingham found a method to send data ultra fast, by  of delivering ultra- fast modulation, by the help of two powers: acoustic and light waves. 

John Cunningham, Professor of Nanoelectronics at Leeds, said: “This is exciting research. At the moment, the system for modulating a quantum cascade laser is electrically driven – but that system has limitations.”

Also he adds, “Ironically, the same electronics that delivers the modulation usually puts a brake on the speed of the modulation. The mechanism we are developing relies instead on acoustic waves.”

A quantum cascade laser is very efficient. “As an electron passes through the optical component of the laser, it goes through a series of ‘quantum wells‘ where the energy level of the electron drops and a photon or pulse of light energy is emitted.” One electron is capable of emitting multiple photons. “It is this process that is controlled during the modulation.”Instead of using other electronics, the teams is using acoustic waves to vibrate the quantum wells that is located inside the quantum cascade laser. 

The study is not completed as of yet, but this technology will be coming soon.

Please comment below if you liked my blog, and also share in the comments below your opinions about this technology. Is it useful and what are other benefits?


University of Leeds. Breakthrough in Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers Could Lead to Data Rates 1,000x Fast Ethernet, 11 Feb. 2020,


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