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90 plus career ideas,turn your passion into career today.

Image by Igor Link from Pixabay

Are you looking for some creative jobs that you can do easily and that requires little to no experience, then continue reading! Today I will list 99 plus creative careers that you can turn into a living. All you need, for this, is passion and motivation. If you lack passion and motivation, then there are great chances, for you to be wandered. You should take inspiration from people that have the same passion as you, throughout your journey to success. These creative careers that I will list are careers that you might not even thought about before.

Before listing the 99 Creative Career

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The following are ideas of jobs, you can find the one that most interests you.

  1. Airplane repossession agent
  2. Animator
  3. Antarctic postal officer
  4. Archaeologist
  5. Art conservator
  6. Art therapist
  7. Ballet Dancer
  8. Body farm researcher
  9. Body paint artist
  10. Brewer
  11. Blogging
  12. Calligraphy
  13. Celebrity agent
  14. Celebrity Stylist
  15. Certified ethical hacker
  16. Champagne consultant
  17. Chief sniffer
  18. Chocolatier (a maker or seller of chocolate.)
  19. Clown doctor
  20. Cocktail writer
  21. Comedian
  22. Composer
  23. Conductor
  24. Contortionist
  25. Cos player
  26. Costume Designer
  27. Court sketch artist
  28. Craft beer historian
  29. Criminal profiler
  30. Crown jeweler
  31. Cryptographer
  32. Costume coffin maker
  33. Diplomat
  34. Discovery Channel camera operator
  35. Doll doctor
  36. Drag queen/King
  37. Film critic
  38. Fine art and antiques appraiser
  39. Foley artist
  40. Food stylist
  41. Food taster
  42. Forensic artist
  43. Fortune cookie writer
  44. Futurist
  45. Gamer
  46. Glassblower
  47. Globe maker
  48. Golf ball diver
  49. Golf course designer
  50. Greeting card writer
  51. Heli- ski guide
  52. Human scarecrow
  53. Instagrammer
  54. Laughter therapist
  55. Letterpress printer
  56. Life drawing model
  57. Location scout
  58. Luxury property caretaker
  59. Magician
  60. Master distiller
  61. Matchmaker
  62. Milliner
  63. Mourner
  64. Movie body double
  65. National Geographic photographer
  66. Negotiation consultant
  67. Panda handler
  68. Parkour instructor
  69. Penguin keeper
  70. Perfumer
  71. Personal shopper
  72. Pet nanny
  73. Poker player
  74. Political decoy
  75. Puppeteer
  76. Reader
  77. Screenwriter
  78. Skydiving instructor
  79. Sky Writer
  80. Sleeper
  81. Smokejumper
  82. Snake milker
  83. Spacesuit design engineer
  84. Speechwriter
  85. Spoken word poet
  86. Sports psychologist
  87. Sports statistician
  88. Storm chaser
  89. Street artist
  90. Superyacht captain
  91. Tattoo artist
  92. Taxidermist
  93. Tracker
  94. Travel writer
  95. Truffle hunter
  96. Volcanologist
  97. Weaver
  98. Wig maker

From this list, I personally enjoy blogging , that is the reason, I am still continuing to blog everyday. As I mentioned earlier, If you lack passion, then there is a great chance in you quitting early.

Please do comment below mentioning which career sounds most appealing to you and also share more career ideas if you have. I will look forward to your comments. 🙂

Happy valentines to my readers!💜


Stewart, Jo. I Can Get Paid for That?: 99 Creative Careers to Live a Life Less Ordinary. Smith Street Books, 2018.


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6 thoughts on “90 plus career ideas,turn your passion into career today.

  1. Exciting inspiration 🙏 blogging is my passion too. It’s not just about expression, but also of connecting to people who shares your stories in a personal way because they’d been there themselves .


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