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How can you revive hardened brown sugar?

You just opened your pantry, to find that your brown sugar is hard and clumpy. Don’t panic! Today I am going to be sharing with you a tip that is personally tested and will help revive the hardened brown sugar. But before I continue, Please subscribe and follow my blog to receive daily updates.

I’ll begin with what causes the Brown sugar to harden. Brown sugar hardens due to the loss of moisture.

Now the question is how can we revive the hardened brown sugar?

In order to revive hardened sugar you need the following supplies:

1- Airtight plastic contain or ziplock back

2- 1 of 2 fresh bread( or use couple of marshmallows as an alternative)

The Procedure:

1- Empty the brown sugar into airtight contain or ziploc bag

2- Place one or 2 slices of bread on the brown sugar or alternative that is marshmallows.

3- Seal the lid or the ziplock bag.

4- Let it sit for a day or two.

5- Now when the brown sugar becomes soft again, remove the bread.

Now you might be thinking why not just microwave the brown sugar for few seconds instead of doing all this hassle. Yes, you are right but it’s only temporary and the sugars will harden again after couple of minutes, that is the reason why reviving hardened brown sugar, with a slice of bread or few marshmallows, are the best option.

Please comment below if you know of any other methods to soften hardened brown sugar. Would love to hear from you.💜


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