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What I typically eat for breakfast|Healthy & Realistic

My typical breakfast

Hello fans and newcomers!πŸ’œ This week I’m going to be sharing what I typically eat for breakfast. Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my blog if you would want to receive regular Updates!

Firstly, I always start out my day with lemon detox water, after that I make my favorite strawberry milkshake which I am obsessed over lately, along with my peanut butter and banana toast.

Unlike people who typically eat eggs or drink only smoothies in the morning, I prefer and crave something sweet in the mornings!

Let me know in comments below if you liked the video and also what do you want me to film next? And also what does your typical breakfast looks like?Would love to see your thoughts in the comments section belowπŸ’œ


Published by lifestylez2020

I am 17 and passionate part time Blogger, I blog about lifestyle which covers everything you need to know from Travel to work life to home & living to relationship to Beauty&lifestyle, last but most importantly Food and well-being.

18 thoughts on “What I typically eat for breakfast|Healthy & Realistic

  1. My typical breakfast is probably egg, cheese and toast along with avocado 😁 or a parfait! quick and yummy πŸ˜‹
    I love pancakes, and baked oatmeal, though, if I have more time!


  2. Your breakfast looks delicious! I am not supposed to eat gluten, so I eat a lot of GF cereal, and a nut and seed oatmeal mix I created. Lately I’ve been eating two boiled eggs for protein, and a small bowl of oatmeal. I, too, like something sweet!!


  3. I find I don’t have cravings for hours if I have this breakfast and it lasts me for hours. Always a cup of coffee and plus I stir up one egg and cook it in an egg cooker, no oil or butter. it takes a few minutes and I eat the egg on a piece of toast with a little mayo. Quick and filling. No sugar spike for me.


  4. Since coronavirus: early morning – finely mince 3 garlic cubes, chased down with 1tsp honey in small glass of water. Hour or more later, oatmeal with honey sweetener, peanut butter bread. This starts my morning. Later choices, pancakes, egg veggie omelette, fruit.

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    1. That’s great, garlic is surely very good antioxidant, I am taking it in pill form Alli-C garlic pill. It’s good that your taking fresh garlic cubes which might be even more effective. Those are great healthy breakfast ideas!


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