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Say goodbye to moldy cheese| Tips to maintain freshness

RitaE @ Pixabay

Cheese is infamously consumed by most people, be it in their pizzas, burger, lasagnas, or macaroni. The worst part about it is when you open your fridge to see it🧀 moldy. Of course you shouldn’t consume it, but there are some ways you can preserve your cheese longer, which you will learn today!

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So, To preserve cheese there are 2 different methods: 🧀


For this method the supplies you need are:

1- Sugar cube


3- Tupperware box


In a Tupperware box, place your cheese 🧀 , along with some sugar cubes.

How does this help?

Sugar absorbs the moisture from the cheese which prevents it from molding.

2- The second method is by using vinegar

And trust me your cheese will not smell like vinegar at all!

The supplies we need are:


2- Paper towel



Damp your paper towel with 1/4 teaspoon vinegar and wrap it around the cheese, then firmly wrap with plastic wrap. In a few days, when the paper towel becomes dry , then repeat the process again to maintain freshness.

How does vinegar help?
Vinegar has acetic acid which prevents the cheese from molding.

Caution: Even if you use these methods, Don’t consume the cheese past its expiry date, these tips are just to maintain the freshness of the cheese.

Please comment below whether you enjoyed it and other techniques you like to use that you want to share! 🙂 Also share techniques with others.💜


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