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Natural way that might help fight coronavirus

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Scientist are weeks away from creating the vaccine, but what can we do at home to prevent Coronavirus? Before I tell you follow me to receive further updates.

So what is Coronavirus exactly?

Coronavirus is basically viral pneumonia. Those who catch this suffer from cough, fever, and breathing difficulties and in sever cases leading to organ failure. As this is viral pneumonia,there is no point of antibiotics. A person’s recover depends on their immune system. The people who dies from coronavirus had pour immune system and had poor health.

So how can we boost our immune system? The following are ways you can boost immunity:

1- No smoking

2- Exercise

3-Sleep Well

4- Wash hands frequently to avoid infection

5- Consume Food such as fruits and vegetable

The Top 15 Immune food booster you should add to your daily diets are the following:

1- Citrus fruits

2- Red bell peppers

3- Broccoli

4- Garlic

5- Ginger

6- Spinach

7- Yougurt

8- Almonds

9- Turmeric

10- Green tea

11- Papaya

12- Kiwi

13- Poultry

14- Sunflower seeds

15 Shellfish

Personally I have been consuming Black seed and Alli C garlic pills, I do believe they are really effective natural medicines.

This is Black seed Herb Whole Seed and it is proven to have strong anti inflammatory properties! It has been used as medicine for over 2000 years. There are some evidence that shows it helps to boost immune system and even fight cancer! This seeds are miraculous! Simply double click on picture to buy online.

Disclaimer: The product is not linked with affiliate marketing

So how can you consume these seeds?

Its is suggested you use 2-4 tbsp and add in yogurt topping. bread, salad, cereals or even blend in smoothies.

It helps to boost immune system and even fight cancer! This seeds are miraculous!

Also I am consuming garlic pills by Alli-C which is natural antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial, safest natural antibiotic with no side effects. You can purchase online!

Other ways to protect yourself

1- Wash your house , lathering it with soap, on back of hand and under nails, scrubbing for at least20 seconds and rinsing well.

2- Use Hand sanitizer

3- Cover your mouth and nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing

4- Clean counter and kitchen surfaces with Lysol or Clorox cleaning spray.

5- If you have fever, cough and have history of traveling, share with health care provider

If you returned from affected area then stay indoor and from public for 14 days

6- Also stock up your homes with non perishable food items also, as the numbers are greater than shown on the news, and corona virus is increasing really rapidly. It is also in the US now.

Hope you all benefit from this post and hope you stay safe and healthy while we await for the vaccine, do share this blog as much as you can, so others can also benefit, The numbers of people dying saddens me greatly, I really hope this virus stops soon.


Published by lifestylez2020

I am 17 and passionate part time Blogger, I blog about lifestyle which covers everything you need to know from Travel to work life to home & living to relationship to Beauty&lifestyle, last but most importantly Food and well-being.

24 thoughts on “Natural way that might help fight coronavirus

      1. Yes, they are people who are recovering to, mostly what we are hearing on the news are people who already have other health conditions are dying, but if you are healthy and have good immune system , it would just strike you like yearly flu. That’s what I’ve heard from a family friend who is a health official. I’ll take a look at the link, Thank you for sharing! 🙂


      2. It will be interesting to know or find out if this coronavirus will kill as many people, worldwide, as the seasonal flu does. There is so much confusion, reading MSM is a nightmare… of confusion.


      3. Yes but I hope there is a cure for this, personally I feel like it’s not as bad, the risk is slight higher than yearly flu, but nothing compared to Spanish influenza or even Ebola.


      4. So true, but these novel epidemic pathogens are researched for years to overcome those which may even been trial run — Ebola? Just remember eat foods and nutrients that fortify your immune system, that is the biggest failing of the healthy (and assumed to be)and the compromised ill alike. That is the corner I’m turning with my blog now – better late than never; but late puts one at high risk…


  1. I’m with you in all that you share here except vaccine 😦 The list of corruption in manufacturing of vaccines is to long, trust went out the window years ago, other than that, what do you know about NSS10ppm which was researched by civilian and military labs long before Ebola made its début upon the West African populations.


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