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Say goodbye to moldy cheese| Tips to maintain freshness

Cheese is infamously consumed by most people, be it in their pizzas, burger, lasagnas, or macaroni. The worst part about it is when you open your fridge to see it🧀 moldy. Of course you shouldn’t consume it, but there are some ways you can preserve your cheese longer, which you will learn today! But, beforeContinue reading “Say goodbye to moldy cheese| Tips to maintain freshness”


Very Simple Mango Mousse recipe that will satisfy your chocolate craving now!

I am sure you all might know what chocolate mousse is, but sometimes yo might feel Chocolate mousse can be to heavy, and you might want to opt for something lighter that will satisfy your sugar cravings. Well, Mango mousse is perfectly delicious and lighter version of chocolate that is not only lower in caloriesContinue reading “Very Simple Mango Mousse recipe that will satisfy your chocolate craving now!”

What I typically eat for breakfast|Healthy & Realistic

Hello fans and newcomers!💜 This week I’m going to be sharing what I typically eat for breakfast. Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my blog if you would want to receive regular Updates! Firstly, I always start out my day with lemon detox water, after that I make my favorite strawberry milkshakeContinue reading “What I typically eat for breakfast|Healthy & Realistic”

How can you revive hardened brown sugar?

You just opened your pantry, to find that your brown sugar is hard and clumpy. Don’t panic! Today I am going to be sharing with you a tip that is personally tested and will help revive the hardened brown sugar. But before I continue, Please subscribe and follow my blog to receive daily updates. I’llContinue reading “How can you revive hardened brown sugar?”

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