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Why protein is not as good as you think it is?( backed with medical studies)

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”

— Bethenny Frankel

by Ayesha M

Did you just guzzle down your last bottle of protein shake or had your last meal of steak?

Now you are here because the title caught your eyes. You are now inquisitive about the title. You are thinking now could a healthy energy such as protein do you much harm. Ever since childhood you’ve been taught “eat your protein”. Today your being exposed to a study which proves that protein is not as good as you think it is.

Don’t worry! Your not alone. I was also in the same boat as you believing such myths. But guess what? Turns out you don’t really need that much of protein and high protein intake can adversely affect your health. In a New York times article by Sophie, she states that

“Most American adults eat about 100 grams of protein per day, or roughly twice the recommended amount.”

That’s shocking!

We Americans really do seem to LOVE our proteins!

But does it do MORE HARM to you than good?

Stay tuned to find out!

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You’ve most probably heard that to much of a good thing is BAD. That is very TRUE. While some people might increase protein intake for body building. The myth that is commonly known as “the more protein you eat, the more muscles.” This myth is absolutely ridiculous and false. Eating protein does NOT mean more muscle. There’s a limit to dietary protein after which you CAN’T gain muscles.

Another ridiculous myth people believe is that increasing in protein intake leads to weight loss. This is FALSE. Just like the way your body converts other excess energies into energy for later that is fat. Protein is no different from other energies.

Sure we do need enough protein (amino acid ) to FUNCTION well in our daily. But to Much of a good thing is NEVER GOOD.

Today’s studies show that protein intake can actually lead to Cardio metabolic risk. According to medical news today a study was done in humans consuming high sulfur amino acids and their link in cardio metabolic risk.

When Penn researchers assessed the diets of 11,576 in the 3rd National health and nutrition examination survey by measuring their cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, and insulin after a 10-16 hour of fast , the investigators found a link of high sulfur amino intake to cardio metabolic risk.

But the good news is that sulfur content is NOT found in grains, fruit and vegetable.
But I get it your a FAN of meat and dairy at the same time you are worried about its high protein sulfur content which leads to heart disease.

You might be wondering if you are better of being vegetarian now.

Before you consider that.

WAIT I would like you to know

There is a way you CAN still consume your dairy and meat without facing high risk of cardio disease.

The simple way and key for you is

We Americans consume more than twice as we need which leads us to potential risk.
So how much is it that we really need?
According to medical news the article states that we need only 15 milligram per kilogram of body weight.

Guess what?

When the study was done it showed that the individuals consumed 2.5 times which is way more than daily required intake. No wonder why America is being prone to MORE and MORE problems related to heart.

Hope you liked my blog post 🙂 Let me know in the comment box below, would love to hear from you.


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